Vesalon Terra

The last person to be crowned king of Abarack


Famous item owned – The Amulet of the Angels

Has been told that on his death bed with his final breath the amulet consumed his essance. Neo took the amulet to King’s Peak, now known as Death’s Peak, and never returned. Many travelers have searched the Peak for it, only a hand full have returned alive….emtpy handed and their spirit broken.

- Named after the Angel of Atamos, lord of Angels.
- Helped build the first Human town.
- Helped engineer flying ships.


One of the last born Titans. Vesalon befriended Neo Atma, a human born from Titan royalty, at an early age. He was continuously belittled for having human friends and was eventually exiled along with the humans from the great city of Abarack. As more and more Humans and Elvan were born the worse the situation got for Humans.

As Humans became a slave labor race Vesalon began hiding humans the best he could. Considering he was a know “Human” lover it was no easy task, but he always managed to keep Neo safe. More and more Humans contacted Vesalon for help, so many people to help they were overwhelmed. Neo and Vesalon came up with an idea to create the first Human city, Ghota. They scouted a forest to the northwest and began setting up camps and creating plans. Ways to free more Humans and blueprints for a village.


Vesalon Terra

Amulet of the Angels Vesalon